Frequently asked questions

What can I complain about?

Go to the What we can and cannot investigate page for more information.

Who can complain?

Electricity and Gas issues

Complaints may be made by:

  • Residential and small use consumers of electricity or gas and by persons directly affected by the provision of (or failure to provide) electricity or gas services; and
  • Owners or occupiers of land or property affected by the way in which an electricity or gas provider has exercised its statutory powers.

Water issues

Complaints may be made by anyone affected by a water service provider.

Can someone complain for me?

An authorised representative may complain on behalf of a complainant. Please have the customer complete the Authority to Act as Representative and email/mail/fax to Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia's office with a Complaint Form.

Go to the Representatives page for full details.

Who should I complain to first?

Before you contact us, we ask that you try to resolve your complaint with your electricity or gas provider or the water supplier. If your complaint is not resolved, or if there is an unreasonable delay, you can contact us for help or advice.

Generally, the complaints should have occurred within the last 12 months.

Who can I make a complaint about?

The electricity and gas providers and water suppliers who are members of Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia are listed on the Who you can complain about page.

How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

We aim to have all complaints resolved within 90 days.

What can the Energy and Water Ombudsman do to resolve my complaint?

If your complaint cannot be resolved, we have the authority to make binding decisions up to a value of $20,000 or up to $50,000 with the agreement of the electricity or gas provider or water supplier

How do I contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman?

Go to the Contact Us page for full details.