Tips for making a complaint

Usually the quickest way to resolve a complaint is to contact the electricity/gas provider or water supplier and tell them what the problem is. If you do this and are unsuccessful in resolving the complaint, you can contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia.

You can submit your complaint over the telephone, in writing (via email, fax, letter or printed complaint form) or use our Online Complaint Form. If you choose to write to us or use the Online Complaint Form, please briefly set out the details of your complaint. Include details such as:

  • exactly what you think has gone wrong;
  • times and dates;
  • details of telephone conversations and meetings;
  • copies of relevant letters;
  • the names of people you have dealt with; and
  • the outcome that would be acceptable to you.

When making a complaint, it would be helpful to us if you provide:

  • the name and postal address of the account holder (if applicable);
  • the property address, if that is different from the account holder's postal address;
  • the account number (if applicable); and
  • the meter number (if applicable and if known).

Most of this information can be found on the latest bill for the electricity, gas or water account (if you are a customer).

How to make a complaint

Go to the How to make a complaint page for our contact details and links to our email address and Online Complaint Form.