Our Strategic Direction

Our Vision

Lawful, reasonable, fair and accountable decision making and practices by public authorities.

Our Mission

To serve Parliament and Western Australians by:

  • Receiving, investigating and resolving complaints about State Government agencies, local governments and universities;
  • Reviewing certain child deaths and family and domestic violence fatalities;
  • Improving public administration for the benefit of all Western Australians through own motion investigations and education and liaison programs with public authorities; and
  • Undertaking a range of additional functions including statutory inspection and monitoring functions.

Our Values

We value being:

  • Fair
  • Independent and Impartial; and
  • Accountable - being accountable means being rigorous, responsible and efficient.

Read more about our values in our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Direction

The Office of the Western Australian Ombudsman will undertake key strategies in six areas:

  • Complaint Resolution;
  • Own Motion investigations;
  • Review of Certain Child Deaths and Family and Domestic Violence Fatalities;
  • Inspection and Monitoring;
  • Collaboration, Access and Promotion of Good Practice; and
  • Good Governance and a Skilled and Valued Workforce.

Read more about our strategic direction in our Strategic Plan

Our Performance

For details of our more recent performance, please see The Year in Brief from the latest Ombudsman Western Australia Annual Report.