Our Team

The Western Australian Ombudsman has a team of approximately 70 staff who provide a responsive, efficient and effective service to our clients, treating them professionally, courteously and with appropriate sensitivity.

The Corporate Executive

The Corporate Executive is comprised of:

  • Chris Field, Ombudsman - Read about the Ombudsman
  • Mary White, Deputy Ombudsman
  • Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Corporate Services and Chief Finance Officer
  • Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Complaint Resolution
  • Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Aboriginal Engagement and Collaboration
  • Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Own Motion Investigations and Monitoring
  • Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Reviews
  • Assistant Ombudsman, Strategic Policy and Projects, National and International Relations 
  • Assistant Ombudsman, Investigations
  • Assistant Ombudsman, Energy and Water  

The Role of the Corporate Executive

The Corporate Executive’s role is to:

  • Provide leadership to staff and model the Office’s values;
  • Set and monitor the strategic direction of the Office and monitor and discuss emerging issues of relevance to the work of the Ombudsman;
  • Monitor performance, set priorities and targets for future performance; and
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and corporate policies.

Team Responsibilities

  • The Complaint Resolution Team includes the Intake Team and the Early Resolution Team and has responsibility for handling enquiries, receiving and assessing complaints, and undertaking the early resolution of complaints, where appropriate, through informal investigations.
  • The Administrative Improvement Team undertakes own motion investigations and other strategies aimed at improving public administration.
  • The Monitoring Team monitors and reports on the operation of powers conferred on the Western Australia Police Force under legislation, undertakes inspections of telecommunications interception records and undertakes other statutory inspection and monitoring functions.
  • The Reviews Team reviews certain child deaths and family and domestic violence fatalities, identifies patterns and trends arising from these reviews and makes recommendations to relevant public authorities to prevent or reduce these deaths.
  • The Investigations Team handles the investigation of complaints and the Legal Services Team provides legal services across the Office.
  • The Energy and Water Team has responsibility for handling enquiries and receiving, investigating and resolving complaints about electricity, gas and water services providers.
  • The Corporate Governance and Business Services and Information Technology Services Teams support the Office in providing corporate communications, governance, business services, internal audit and integrity of corporate services.
  • The Executive Services and Children and Youth Teams are responsible for strategic research, policy and projects; national and international relations; strategic and corporate communications; executive services and services for children and youth.